Monday, February 18, 2013

Couple In Love Theme

** Free Download Theme Blackberry Curve 8520 **

Cute and romantic couple surrounded by balloons flying. Free to download, guys! Enjoy! \(^__^)/

Features :
  - 6 icons in the homescreen
  - friendly wallpaper
  - colourful font
  - colourful and cute icon
  - easy to use

Please restart your device after downloading the theme for better result..

Don't hesitate to ask if you want anything.

I hope you like this theme! ヽ(^_^ ) ( ^_^)/


  1. don't you do os 7 themes? i used ur themes but i don't have the 8520 anymore :(

  2. what type of bb do you use? i have os7 themes. do you want this theme for use on your new device? maybe i can make it for you if you want ;)

  3. really!?? yes I love this and the owl in love :) if you can do it, let me know!!

  4. after i completed my thesis proposal this week, i will try to make it for you .. what type of bb are you using now?

  5. I have 9320, os 7.1! it's ok I'll be waiting until you have time! :) thanks

  6. hello, I've tried to make a owl in love theme. you can visit this link :

    i think 9220 and 9320 have the same theme file type..

    if you have trouble, you can tell me as soon as possible yaa..
    thankyou ^__^

  7. i downloaded this theme and i really love it and the font is really cute too, can you tell me what font you used for this please thanks :)